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Most Frequently Asked Questions

8 Most Frequently Asked Questions

A Modular Kitchen referred as a new furniture technology is gaining popularity across the globe. There are several readers and interested consumers who still need some education about several hidden facts and concepts of a modular kitchen. Keeping this in mind, our set of most frequently asked questions is here to guide them about the designs, kitchen appliances, layout and fittings.

Question 01: How can one distinguish between an ordinary kitchen and modular kitchen?
Answer 01: A regular kitchen is a place where one can simply prepare meals while a modular kitchen enables a person to enjoy while preparing meals. The thin line of difference brought about in both these types of kitchen is the systematic and sequential arrangement of appliances, accessories and other elements like cabinets, shutters, etc. in a modular kitchen. Infact with a modular kitchen installed in home, even a person not too interestedin cooking will begin to enjoy the process. The reason being - modular kitchen comes in multiple colors, designs, appliances and fittings which help reduce monotony in a kitchen. Perhaps modular kitchen is the new spice to rejuvenate the aura of a kitchen.

Question 02: What benefits can I reap from a modular kitchen?
Answer 02: Modular kitchens are available in a small, medium and large budget. Depending upon the capacity of the buyer, the modular kitchen can be designed using the necessary design and kitchen appliances. After the installation, the user can look forward to a room that is not just clean and systematic but vibrant and functional. This brings back to the kitchens the long lost feeling of excitement. If properly designed, a modular kitchen is also believed to be reducing the maintenance cost. Why work in a boring kitchen which creates confusion, mess and exhaustion when one can enjoy the benefits of the remarkable modular kitchen?

Question 03: Can I get a modular kitchen designed as per my choice?
Answer 03: Whether the buyer is deciding to buy branded or non-branded modular kitchen, it is essential for him or her to enlist the type of kitchen design; number, type and quality of appliances required. It is these specifications that will enable the manufacturer to design the right type of modular kitchen as envisioned by the buyer. According to the customers' needs, a microwave oven, dishwasher and refrigerator can also form part of the kitchen design. Modular kitchens are available in island shape, U shape, C shape and G shape. The buyer is free to choose one and modify it according to his needs for a beautiful space in his home.

Question 04: Non-branded kitchen V/s Branded modular kitchen. Which one is advisable?
Answer 04: The term modular kitchen may sound quite heavy for most of us. Practically a modular kitchen can be installed in the desired manner if the owner opts to progress with great planning. If the buyer has the right knowledge of the subject he can approach a carpenter to get the kitchen designed. In case he is a novice and wishes to seek proper guidance, he can opt for branded modular kitchen. The carpenter made kitchen may be less expensive compared to the branded ones. But the only loophole in a carpenter-made kitchen is that the buyer may fall prey to the tricks of the manufacturer if he doesn't have the right know how of the appliances and materials.

Question 05: How expensive can a modular kitchen be?
Answer 05: A modular kitchen may cost somewhere between a minimum amount of Rs 50,000 and extend in lakhs. The entire investment in a modular kitchen depends on the factors of design of the kitchen, space availability, brand preference, the number and type of appliances included, etc. A wise buyer is the one who purchases only necessary appliances of high quality to seek greater ease in cooking. Do not include appliances that may suffer due to regular use and increase maintenance cost to huge amounts. One can buy multiple items and fittings if his affordability permits, but it would eventually result in a complex and congested kitchen which lowers the efficiency and hygiene in the premise.

Question 06: How much time does the manufacturer take to install a modular kitchen?
Answer 06: The process of getting a modular kitchen installed in the home begins when the buyer decides on the type of design. After having shortlisted few manufacturers or brands, he can approach them to know their estimates. A comparative cost-benefit analysis will help the buyer finalize one agency to which he can place the order for manufacture of the design. This is followed by a visit of the professionals to measure the location, understand the specifications, place an order for the designing of appliances and wait for its delivery. On the receipt of the design, the installation takes place. Approximately this entire process may consume from one to two months (may vary with critical modifications in the design).

Question 07: What are the precautionary measures to be adopted for a well-maintained modular kitchen?
Answer 07: Modular kitchen being an international concept might not require great amount of maintenance regime but since the Indian climate and environment comprises of dirty elements, one needs to take some amount of care. Dirt, dust and slight oily and greasy stains might muddle up the interiors of the kitchen. Hence the user should ensure to wipe accessories, appliances and other elements in the modular kitchen on regular basis. Ensure to utilize a dry cloth followed with a damp cloth in order to prevent formation of dirt forever. It is advisable to get the appliances serviced on regular basis for easy maintenance.

Question: 08: Things to be followed for chimney, sink, hob.
Answer 08: A modular kitchen is a systematic approach towards designing a kitchen. It includes pre-built panels and cabinets in a sequential order for the purpose of cooking. Hob, shelves, counter tops, chimney, cabinets, corner storage system, pantry, sink, shutters, microwave oven, refrigerator and dishwasher are few of the kitchen appliances. Wood, steel, granite, marble, glass, copper and brass are the materials that can be used to design the kitchen. However it is advisable to accommodate only those many appliances as may be required by the user. At the same time it is important not to load the kitchen with unnecessary items that may give it a shoddy look.
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